FGXpress PowerStrips Full Review

fgxpress fda pain relief

FGXpress PowerStrips are new revolutionary pain relieving patches, which are backed up with a proprietary patent as a Class 1 Medical device listing by the FDA.

The unique formula in the Power Strips is set to combine traditional ancient wisdom with modern technology and science to get maximum results.

Forever Green the company behind these revolutionary Powerstrips has experienced recent massive success for helping thousands around the world get rid of temporarily chronic pain.

Watch This Video To Have a Greater Understanding of the FGXpowerstrip Technology.

Powerstrip Design and Benefits:

FGXpress Powerstrips are patented trans-dermal patches. The positive benefits of the patch are a result of fusing the wonders of ancient herbs, new technology and wave energy. The Power Strips are water-soluble adhesive designed to be gentle and easy on the skin while still providing topical nutritional supplement results.

Far Infrared Germanium Mineral Based Technology To Penetrate and Abolish Pain

The patented design and the infusion of the Germanium mineral on the strips, provides pain relief and healing by absorbing the FIR energy from the muscles, magnifying this energy and reflects it back to the body. The amplified energy is not only directed to the specific region, but also to deeper cellular levels.


Korean Red Ginseng in PowerStrips

korean-red-ginseng-powerstripsThe patch makes use of an ancient herb that is known as Korean Red Ginseng. What makes this ginseng different is that it contains Saponin. Saponin is considered to be an adaptogen and anti-inflammatory, that can help harmonize parts of the body where needed most such as metabolism, digestive system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, immune system and endocrine system.

The Korean Red Ginseng has been studied and tested by international laboratories, and study shows that although it offers a lot of health benefits, it is not digested and assimilated by the body well. Which is why patches are recommended.

PowerStrips Transdermal Delivery

Power-Strips-pain-relief-formulaMedical science has proven that transdermal delivery has its own unique advantages. In fact, more and more pharmaceutical companies are now beginning to tap and adapt to transdermal mode of delivery in their products.

The makers of FGXpress Powerstrips are ahead of the curve showcasing thermadermal delivery with the Powerstrips patchessince they are not only great at delivering the Korean Red Ginseng but also other blends of minerals.

FGxpress PowerStrips Safety

FGXpress Powerstrips has been tested and proven to be safe for the use of adults and children. It is safe for daily use. In fact, it is recommended.

It is best for the patch to be use in between bathing.

PowerStrips Silver Benefits

Remember, FGX is FDA approved for class 1 medial devices safe and fit for minor aches and pains.

This is a big deal, based with their energy technology and infused herbs – this product has the potential to be very influential in their bubble of all natural pain relief patches.

fda-approve-fgxpressFGXpress Powerstrips also contains silver. Silver has been proven for decades to possess good antimicrobial properties. With continued use, the silver is effectively distributed throughout the body, forming a protective shield from harmful bacteria, fungi and protozoan. There are studies have shown that newer strains of microbes are resistant to some anti-biotic, but they haven’t develop immunity to silver.

FGXpress Powerstrips is a just more than a pain relief patch; it is a product that promotes overall health. The benefits are many, and it is safe for body use. If you are looking for a patch that offers just more than pain relief, then you might want to try FGXpress Powerstrips.

Please keep in mind and common sense that none of these statements have been viewed or verified by the FDA. This FGXpress Power Strips website is dedicated to giving you expert reviews about the intelligent information and common content being shared about Forever Green’s FGXpress.

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